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What can Breakfastman do for me?
From advice through the creation and promotion to ROI analysis. Breakfastman Consultancy guides your internet plans from A to Z.
Our expertise means you have a clear strategy, based on experience and facts and not on "gut feeling". Depending on the needs of your business, let us take care of your online marketing in a professional way.


The successful sale of a product begins with a clear strategy. We help you find your audience and communicate your message. Based on this analysis we look at the possibilities and determine which online marketing tools to deploy.


From the smallest button to complete international web sites. We create the content!
Did you know that a bad looking site or a poorly written texts can be counterproductive to your visit, repeat visits and search engine positions?

Search Engine Marketing

No less than 92% of internet users visits a web site through a search engine, portal or community site!
Can you afford not to be found?

Media Buying

The online advertising market is constantly changing. New, innovative and interactive advertising opportunities get introduced daily. How do you know what is best for your company?

Campaign Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) or Cost-per-click (CPC) ads are being considered a "must do" in the marketingmix. Almost all search engines and portals offer CPC advertising opportunities that ensure instant visibility on search pages give satisfactory results. Although it began as "easy", this do-it-yourself way of advertising, however, became complicated matter.
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